Bitcoin Music from Bitcoin Fans & Supporters – Top 5 [VIDEO]


Hello readers, we have set up for you a video list with top 5 Bitcoin Music from Bitcoin fans & supporters from across the world . Hope you will enjoy it and if you do it, share this top around and we will do more every week!

1. Kryptina – Love You Like A Bitcoin

First we start with a song called “Love You Like A Bitcoin” made after the song of Selena Gomez – “I love you like a love song”. Performed by Kryptina, DefconKids MVH 2012 and bitcoin miner since 2010.

2. She’s a Bitcoin Girl

Can Wall Street Guy win Bitcoin Girl’s heart? Well the next song is about that, I believe it’s one of the well-known songs from cryptosphere . A Moving Picture Institute production. Approximately 4 minutes. The video it’s funny and the concept it’s amazing . Enjoy!

3. Laura Saggers – 10000 Bitcoins

Written and performed by Laura Saggers , produced by Greg Johnson ,directed by Tyler Leisher, this Bitcoin Music has a sweet sound and awesome lyrics like such as :

“If I had ten-thousand bitcoins I would pay for you to fly
So you could get your license to soar up into the sky
On a private plane so we could disappear at any time
We’ll take a trip to Catalina-Island, or even to Hawaii”

P.S: Laura Saggers its super duper sweet !

4. Cz aka Savage – Bits Be Trippin’ Bitcoin Litecoin

“Machines pushed to the limit that’s day and night Bit, Lite, Feather’coins, new way of life” . This is how this song starts and has a very awesome and aggressive style of rap / trap . Lets listen to it and give our feedback to it . In my opinion it’s a nice smooth song of a Bitcoin Miners life, more like a Bitcoin Gangster life (lol) .

5. Naomi van der Velde – All About That Bitcoin

She used Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass” for the melodic inspiration and she pulled it off pretty awesome . “It’s Money 2.0; cold storage vaults we trust Effort-less trans-ac-tions Are just another plus+++” they are perfect lyrics for our Bitcoin Music Top 5, Naomi has a great talent and relaxing voice also the lyrics even if they are a bit technical, she managed to make them easy to understand . Enjoy & good job Naomi .


Hope you enjoyed this round of Bitcoin Music, we all know it’s all about that Bitcoin and what if we had 1000 Bitcoin’s . I promise you guys if you liked our TOP 5, we will search and scout for songs about Bitcoin every week and make a top with them! So share & show us your love.

– 24/7 Crypto News Team

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