Bitstake – Launching A Bitcoin Remittance Service In Nigeria


BitStake is a digital currency and a digital financial platform using Bitcoin and other digital currencies to provide financial services with low transaction costs to the unbanked.

Bitstake’s vision is to make digital currencies more accessible to people unreached by traditional banking, as well as drive down the costs of money transfers.

They are planning in the following weeks to launch a Bitcoin remittance service in Nigeria and a cryptocurrency exchange.

What is a remittance ? Check out for more information’s & stats.

What will they offer on their online platform? Here is some important highlights:

  • Online wallets with staking capabilities similar to interest bearing accounts.
  • A Real-time Trading Platform for buying and selling bitcoin and others digital currencies.
  • Peer to Peer lending marketplace.
  • SMS Wallet for mobile phone users and people that don’t have internet.

What are they offering more exactly?

     1. Digital savings account

BitStake offers interest on digital currency deposited on the platform, users earn interest based on staking algorithm.

    2. Peer-to-peer lending marketplace

Bitstake lending marketplace which facilitates peer-to-peer lending using digital currency as leverage where users Invest and Borrow Quick Loans. Peer-to-peer lending marketplace is a safe alternative to using traditional financial institutions with a wide range of loan types at lower rates and cleaner fee structures.

3. SMS Wallet

Bitstake offers SMS wallet that enable consumers to have access to their account using their mobile phones. Bitstake customers can quickly and safely  pay for goods and services using their mobile phone without requiring internet. SMS Wallet was designed so that you can interact with it entirely through SMS. Text back commands to view your account balance, check recent transactions, pay or receive coins.

4. Trading Platform 

Buy and sell digital currencies  on one of the most robust and powerful trading platforms available anywhere with the lowest trading rates in the business.

  5. Prepaid Credit Cards 

Convert digital currency into Prepaid Credit Cards

BitStake is built on bank standard security technology, facilitating real-time trading, lending, and global remittance services. To ultimately create a robust and scalable financial system.

Bitstake is committed to transparency, security and aim to be the most convenient place to trade Bitcoin in Nigeria with the lowest fees.

Technical Information

Ticker: XBS

Total Coins: 1.3 million XBS

Algorithm: X11

No Pre-mine / No IPO

Block time: 60 secs

Proof-of-Stake Interest: 5% Annually

Block time: 60 secs

Transaction: 10 Confirmations

Min transaction fee: 0.0001 XBS

Min stake age: 6 hours, no max age

Social & Informational Links

Official Website:

Official Twitter: @BitStake

Exchanges: Empoex, Betsharex, Bittrex, C-CEX

Blockchain Explorer:

BitcoinTalk Thread:

Finally a cryptocurrency that it’s doing what others didn’t considered it. I believe it’s an different way of thinking that will be highly appreciated by investors. Bitstake it looks like one of the cryptocurrencies that are here for the long haul. Can’t wait to see their results from Nigeria.

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