CRTCoin – – – A perfect Trio


CRTCoin , and a perfect crypto-financial business trio

First we all know CRTCoin i hope from one of our last article but we dint got the chance to explain more about and Nix-E.Com and we where really impressed by their service complexity and it’s simplicity in the same time . I’ll present each of these amazing websites and services with print-screen’s attached so i can help ease the process for new users .


Ok , So what is ?

NixMoney it’s a payment payment system that allow it’s users to transactionate Euro , Dollars , Bitcoin , Litecoin , CRTCoin , PeerCoin & TerraCoin and my guess is that more will come in future also they offer many tools for merchants and not to mention that works in the anonymous network TOR 

Yes it’s that easy ! Why i said complex because it has it’s own internal transaction system that it’s running beside the coins blockchain also it has all sort of options like Loan . Yes Loan , i dint got into that option to deep cause it has all soft of warnings , mostly they are people who are looking for investment and they are promising a fixed ROI  , it’s a start and sounds awesome . I do think it’s an amazing emerging service that needs to be out there more . You can add Euro’s and Dollars very easy with their Exchange System & parteners that can be found here : – An easy-to-use and slick cryptocurrency-fiat Exchange

Yes , you can exchange CRT/USD , BTC / USD  , LTC / USD , CL/USD very easy and transfer back to in just a fraction of second where you can get them on your card or bank account .  We will show you how to add money and crypto to your account in just a few simple steps , we going to show you with CRTCoin .

See ? Was that easy , just 7 steps and your money are in the account safe and secure . In the same way you can withdrawal the USD in your account and it takes just a fraction of a second to see the money into your account !

If they will add more coins i will make it my new favorite Exchange , i wonder when they going to burst and add more coins , will see , meanwhile it’s a good to use & clean exchange !

Why CRTCoin in this trio ?

Well if you dint notice it’s the only coin allowed with USD after LTC and BTC so that’s a high importance also they really got an USD market out there that it’s working without any problems . I also presume that they helped CRTCoin at building their amazing CRTCoin Crypto Bank  where they offer stake for the people who keep their CRTCoin there and also they got a TOR Anonymous Network Linkhttp://bankmyoarpabtfai.onion/  that would help to keep the bank 100% uptime no matter what happends with other normal network DNS exactly like .

It’s a fine trio !

Yes they are as i told you in the beginning they are clean and sleak like a crypto-financial business should be ! I would bet on them for long term as they put more services on the ground with high-quality execution .  So grab some CRTCoin , test the system , explore and let us know how you felt about it !




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  • bitrager

    Nice article. It doesn’t really explain what CRT is exactly and what it stands for, even though, it’s good to see some support for the coin.It has been getting dumped lately.Hope that will end soon and we will be going back up!

  • Paul

    Easy, comfortable servise.. The question of anonymity very urgent today. Thanks!

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