– Black Hole made for crypto investors

2 it’s a massive black hole for Bitcoin / Litecoin And DevCoin investors . it’s one of the most shady investment website on the internet . I made the mistake to invest in some IPO’s and lost in our opinion a nice amount of BTC , so far 0.3 BTC . Why ? First they have some weird systems , please don’t go into their “Options” Tab cause you 100% going to make the bad deal of your life . They have made it in a way that you get very confused of their Price and Cost tabs also the posters make sure and try to induce even more the illusion that you are going to make a good deal , but it isn’t like that !

I attached a printscreen where you can easy see for example “SCRYPT ” – Price 0.041 BTC and Cost : 1.9 BTC also Quantity : 200 Shares , nothing wrong so far it seems right , but you my dear reader what did you understand from that  ? Maybe i am idiot . I understood that in order to buy all those 200 shares at the price of 0.0041 BTC and the total costs with fee and all 1.9 BTC , then i calculated and actually the price of those where shares are 0.82 BTC at that price , then what  the tab “Costs” means ?


It means that you going to pay a big “FEE” so you can get the “access” at that price per share and after you paid BTC 1.9 as FEE and you will get not the whole package then you can actually buy shares . So stay away from “Options” Tab because it’s full of scamers and myself i got tricked and paid a Cost of 0.2 BTC then to find out that it’s a Fee , when i sent them an email on their very shady single e-mail address  without any ticketing services or something , from which i got a short answer explaining me that it was the fee  “Fee” to access that share price  and it’s not refundable !

When i asked more explanations …. no more answers , since i have no idea where those 0.2 BTC could go and why so high fee when the price of the shares are actually higher or the same with the one’s that are listed !

Cryptostocks are the same with Vircurex . Vircurex lost Bitcoin in 2013 and 2014 .

We can check out all the internet with a simple type : Vircurex Lost Bitcoin . And we can find many options from where we can pick  like when they lost 2100 bitcoin’s worth of funds on May 10th, 2013, at which point the price of a bitcoin was $150 then recently in March 2014 they lost again  1748 Bitcoin, 152000 Feathercoin, 126000 Litecoin, and 128000 Terracoin and they where frozen without notice, effectively  leaving hundred of customers without their coins & investments.

So why would you trust them with CryptoStocks ? When they don’t even answer at their emails when it’s needed or have a proper ticketing system . It’s clearly a hit & run business that can affect Bitcoin economy since they got 600 BTC volume per month.

How are the same ? If you din’t noticed yet ,  go to Contact and you will see it’s the same Skype ID . I can’t stress enough but i have to say it again , Stay Away from this Black Hole of cryptocurrency economy .

Bad investment options .

Some of them might look appealing with great projects ahead and ideas . Actually they are all a big scams except maybe 2-3 from a number of over 100 investment options which is again very bad . Why are scams ? They don’t pay the dividends on time , IPO’s are a pure loss of time & money since most of them crash for example COINPAL it’s a an example of an “amazing” IPO and they are some that they are starting from like 10 satoshi and drop to 1 satoshi and yes those are the IPO’s , also last time CryptoStocks had big problems with their wallets and most of the options that still paid their dividends couldn’t do it because of CryptoStocks had their wallets broken somehow .

Conclusion ?

Don’t even go near there , maybe just a look to see it for yourself but no more . I lost 0.3 BTC there and invested them in 5 different options and now i 0.025 BTC left there . CryptoStocks is very dangerous for your portfolio , if you really want to feel adrenaline you might want to try it , but i will never recommend it . Today ill withdraw those BTC’s left there with sorrow that they are less and less places where you can invest your Bitcoin safe and without worrying that they might run with them , it’s very sad .

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Full Name : Razvan Gabriel Paun , Owner of 24/7 Crypto News . Cryptoenthusiast , Bitcoin Fanatic . If you want to contact regarding any information you can email : office (at) . An active member of the Cryptocurrency Community, and enjoys collecting, trading, and writing about various coins & Bitcoin latest news .

  • IPCoinz

    I was just looking into cryptostocks and considering throwing some BTC at them. Thank you for the warning. We need to chasten every developer, exchange, and other host who plays sloppy or dirty. Crypto has to self-regulate or the little guy wont get to share in the wealth.

    • cryptobuzzing

      That’s what we want to do ! At least we want to help at a better eco-system and expose our personal experience beyond any curtains or private groups. We need a place where to invest ! I hope one day i’ll find it !

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