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Well it’s been a long time since we’ve done a coin review , due the fact that most of cryptocurrencies now hold up at most a few months then they are gone after developers had a major dump on its investors – 99% of cases are like that . However this one ,is different, because Diamond celebrates  its 1st year in existence on the market .

Diamond has been through ups & downs from the beginning with just a simple launch and not much word from the developer or a bigger plan except, its scarcity making it very hard to attack and creating a slow mining pace assuring it a long lasting future . It is one of the first cryptocurrencies that got on market after Bitcoin with no premine & fair public launch,  featuring  Proof-of-Stake, Random Blocks and Transaction Messages   .

The name “Diamond” is perfect for what it needs to express, since it’s very rare with only 4.38 million coins to be issued . Also a slow paced mining & minting process , makes it very hard to aquire large amounts of Diamonds , exactly like in real life . Also it’s trade symbol is “DMD”.

Scrypt to Groestl Algorithm Transition, Change of Development Team & More

Diamond started with a developer who didn’t do much except launching the coin that was fair and with NO Pre-mine or IPO involved . Everything was good and working for some good months without any intervention from developer , but once it appeared to be abandoned by its developer,  the community started to maintain it .

They already had plans to move from Scrypt to Groestl algorithm as a form of prevention from Scrypt ASICs to attack on the network or abuse it , but the abuse had already started with the infamous bug “Time Warp Attack“. The community had to rollout the plan of algorithm change even faster then actually announce so they could fix the bug and keep Diamond alive and boosting it up to a new era of evolution with a new and more efficient algorithm”Groestl” . Being a very hard transition Diamond now have a part of it’s blockchain hashed under Scrypt Algorithm and the second new part started on Groestl Algorithm .

Now it is time for a serious Development Team to kick-in with plans for Android Wallet , Multipool with Diamond Pay-outs, UI Redesign , Merge Mining and also other plans that we can’t disclose them at the moment since , Diamond Development Team don’t like to create hype without any results at hand . They are having plans and wish to create a stability and a future for Diamond. They want Diamond to address to peoples needs and their vision of a secure, fast & easy-to-use cryptocurrency .

Their newest Diamond Wallet release confirmed the commitment to Diamond development. With this update they have introduced Fast Index feature speeding up client loading time significantly, Coin Control for wiser management of Diamonds, info tooltips and several other core code optimisations.

Technical Information

logo1 DMD reward per mined block.
There will be 4,380,000 Diamonds issued.
Low transaction fee – 0.001 DMD.
Features Transaction Messages,
Coin Control,
Fast Index.

Proof of Work
Block target for POW is 60 seconds.
Transaction requres 6 confirmations.
Mined block matures after 200 minutes.
Difficulty retargets at every block.

Proof of Stake
Interest rate is set to 50% annually that will decrease gradually.
Block target for PoS is 600 seconds.
Min stake age is 7 days.
Minted block matures after 200 minutes.

Diamond Social Info 

You will want to know how to reach Diamond Community and their services . Here is a link list with what websites , profiles & services Diamond has .

BitcoinTalk , Diamond Official Website , Twitter , Facebook , Blockexplorer , Diamond Paper Wallet , Diamond Coinwiki .

Merchants : serverbros.co.uk , www.noblemovement.com/marketplace , vps4.me , bitstickers.net and many more on their official website .

Final Word

Diamond community have been through a lot, but now they’ve prevailed and they are still here, considering 0% premine & fair launch , its a great achievement considering that a lot of coins have failed even with IPO and Investors lot of coin’s have failed  . Diamond will remain one of our favourite cryptocurrencies on the market because of its activity ,constant evolution with community effort, only 500.000 Diamonds issued so far and also because it has a 30+ years rollup plan which gives it status of Medium-Long Term Investment . In my opinion it’s a cryptocurrency that worth to be bought bit by bit . But that’s my personal view . Trade at your own risk .

GIVEAWAY : Thanks for staying with us and reading our article . If you leave us a feedback via comment form below with your Diamond Wallet address you will recieve FREE DMD !


Our DMD Address for Contributions : dccpDqUE8TSCVDkF7LnVxXmC1XDBEqHWMh



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  • DiamondLover

    im loving it !

    • cryptobuzzing

      Diamond Sent !

  • BitCoinDragon

    What can one say about DiamondCoin? Who doesn’t love diamonds? I am happy to hear about it. I dig the new wallet, I had a small amount once, and have recently acquired another handful to add to the hoard!! A lovely coin.


    • cryptobuzzing

      Diamond Sent ! Enjoy !

  • Astrie Triswardhani

    Never doubt on DMD, Hold tight my DMD. and glad to see there is a site make an article about a Huge altcoin. and we’re working on voting task.

    • cryptobuzzing

      Glad that you liked our article . DMD seems like it’s here to stay !

  • Virus_T27C

    i hope so dmd will accept in more cryptomarkets

    thank you

    • cryptobuzzing

      Yes they are working on that as i understood . DMD Sent !

  • DMDMiner

    Everyone Love Diamonds.. XD


  • Lenny SFI

    Love DMD, keep it up.
    Thank You…: dXB4FVjPir7UJcdQaw6BKnqJRW7aXqQma6

  • elltee

    Very good article with a lot of details about the coin. Liked reading it, and I guess many agree with me :-). dGhqRo5ddnHcYiRQDdBpL7eLKCNMg3NZ29

  • Bernold

    Great article, thank you Spiry!
    Very insightful. Hope a great future for Diamond !

  • sven ole irle

    I always wanted to have some. Now its the time.


  • Jason Brown

    Very informative & honest article. I have some DMD myself. Like this coin too.


  • Marc00s

    Great article, I too belive in DMD! Mining different coins with my very modest rig, I’m always on the lookout for coins that seem to have good promise… DMD is solid on community, vision and development. Plus the new algo gives me highest GPU hashrate of any coin I’ve tried. Respect for Diamond! dLHTjzsMQ3cBrBdL9zMEnzsvZSme3FdkKe

  • Wolf

    This coin have good points. Today, DMD is the more easy to mine (or more ‘profitable’ if you prefer – not so much because mining is losing efficiency – but for today, DMD shows minor deficit on this over another criptocoins).
    Good article, if you can do a little help to me: dbSsV86PUB2Zc6QJYfi4KdFKCDzjaCu6v8
    Very thanks.

  • Kalifah

    Great article, very informative. Never regret to have some Diamond. No matter if it’s gem or a coin. Everyone love diamond. :P

  • Juan Miguel Salas Rdguez

    Great article about Diamond. Im an early adopter and i think is very solid coin with a wonderful community and a great future. Lets see where it goes ( for sure far ;) ) dYtkNXfryKj2V45dhHjRYo6RQ4GXfJB2Jb

  • Andp

    Very good coin :) i got here late, but i am looking forward to mining with my… Fairly crappy nvidia gtx 650 OC to (gpu clock) 1345MHz and ram at 3000MHz – getting around 2340Khash/s – for the next couple of years at least, I’m very loyal, and i’ll be here for as long as the community is alive.

    DMD address – dZyetLZN8CYGDDfuT7GATPFBRoazav7wmQ

  • skit

    I like it too! any chance for me to get one: dTHsy6ub5DwZt1mk5R6eYpBuPqTU779QQQ ?

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