Donationcoin – Donating more than 15% to Charities Worldwide


 What to know about Donationcoin


Created to help human beings to enjoy a better life.

Donationcoin will support all charities that will come at them on the basis first come first serve in a number of around ~50 charities with 250,000DON Wallets from the 13.5 million . To increase the circulation of Donationcoin, every month, each charity will be put up on exchanges for exchange to FIAT via BTC, in that case people worldwide will see that Cryptocurrency is not just a passing thing, is becoming bigger and bigger each day like a real event in our lives. Even if the strong purpose of Donationcoinis are charities and donations, you can buy stuff and services, digital and physical and also you can do exchanges with other cryptocurencies.

What will happen with the pre-mine Donationcoins? After their Launch on 1 June 2014 with a total of 18,000,000 Donationcoin that have been pre-mined, Donationcoin has donating 13.5 units to over 50 Charities worldwide, spreading kindness and hope. They asked if they wanna be the First Charity to accept 250,000 coins and accept in the future donations of Donationcoin on their website.


“I Would Like To Help Someone To Live Whist I Am Alive”

This tagline was the brilliant idea of cross media digital entrepreneurs Spencer Lievens & Muiz Rana, an adaptation of the UK Organ Donor cards distributed and used in the UK. You can now download the free Donationcoin wallet from and start to trade, mining, investing, donating with Donationcoin that work on Windows, Mac or Linux platforms and the development team are working hard right now to create wallets for portable devices, continuously improving the digital currency with the latest technologies.

Wanna start donating?

It`s simple! If you want to choose a charity,  you will need to send an email to: support(@) with full details and contact information, but please don`t forget that all nominated charities must be fully certified in their country to ensure the selection.

What we plan doing with Quarter of a Million Donationcoins?

When the 50 charities will receive in their wallets 250,000 units, they can start trading for other digital currencies,  for money or they can wait until the value of Donationcoin will increase in time and usage. Who knows? 1$ of Donationcoin can end up being worth 100$ or more as it`s been validated by the continual Bitcoin rush, who was launched in 2009. The remaining 4,500,000 Donationcoin will be for fundraising, advertising and further development campaigns .

One of their new projects that are creating is an online Sponsorship system so that people worldwide can sponsor other people taking part in sponsored charity events with Donationcoin.

Favoured Charities

  • Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit – has its own organic Greenhouse rather than McDonald
  • Solar Power now replacing Nuclear reactors in Germany
  • Boyan Slat inventor of a method to clean oceans globally in only 5 years
  • Coconut Oil demonstrated to greatly improve Alzheimer
  • The PareUp App connects consumers to restraints and stores with excess
    food before they throw it away
  • Model Lily Coles sharing site
  • Water collecting billboards and home units
  • Air purifying billboard
  • Hemp oil demonstrated to be successful on a range of cancer
  • Brighton Orgonite Trials yield giant vegetable
  • Shipping containers converted in houses
  • Rory Aronson’s FarmBot – an open source, automated, precision farming machine designedfor backyard gardeners

More Unique aspects of Donationcoin will be soon launched to separate them from the actual digital currencies.


  • Coin type: Scrypt
  • Coin Suffix: DON
  • Halving: 720,000 blocks
  • Initial coins per block: 50 coins
  • Target spacing: 4 minutes
  • Target timespan: 96 hours (Gravity Well controls Difficulty)
  • Transaction Confirmations: 30
  • Coinbase maturity: 30 blocks
  • Premine: 20 %
  • Max Coinbase: 90,000,000
  • Seed Node : 2
  • P2p Port : 11060
  • RPC PORT : 21060

How does it work?

Donationcoin is a system of Donationcoin wallets functioning on peoples computers. They are not centralised like the other banks who charge for transactions and bank transfer fees, all the wallets confirm the transactions and share all the informations of these unlike the banks.

How do you accept donations?

In these days, digital currencies are translucent, you can basically see into peoples wallets but you can`t touch anything. You can`t have hidden wallets or accounts with Donationcoin on unlike any othe centralised worldwide banking system. It`s a democratic new way to raise money and donate.  More several ideas are in progress, like : tipping, SecondLife Lindens to Donationcoin, new systems for social media platforms, Deviant Art support and many other  crowd sourcing platforms.










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