Expedia sends you in vacation on Bitcoins


Finally you can travel everywhere in the World with Bitcoins !

One of the biggest travel online operators have decided to join Bitcoin revolution and be part of history ! Yes , it’s about Expedia !

Expedia, an online travel booking service, announced on the morning of Wednesday, July 11, 2014 that it will begin accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment. Expedia will be the first major travel service to accept Bitcoin as a means of payment.

The company said that it would start out small with its options for accepting Bitcoin payments, bringing Bitcoin to only hotels for the time being.

If enough people use Bitcoin to pay for hotel reservations, then Expedia says that they will start expanding its acceptance to other lines of service, such as cruise and airline tickets. Customers will be able to pay for their hotels in Bitcoin upon checkout and the Bitcoin payment option will be placed alongside the other various payment methods, like credit cards and Paypal.

Expedia will be receiving payments through Bitpay, which will take the bitcoins received and immediately convert them into dollars. Michael Gulmann clarified that this instant conversion was not “a statement on Bitcoin, pro or con, but that the instant conversion from Bitcoins to dollars is the default method of the Bitpay payment system.

“Customers simply indicate Bitcoin as their method of payment and then follow a few steps to safely and securely complete each transaction.

Expedia is now the latest name in a growing list of major businesses that accept Bitcoin as payment for their goods and services.

The travel company will now join the likes of Overstock, Elon Musk, Dish Network, Euro Pacific Precious Metals, and Virgin Galactic on the forefront of the rapidly expanding Bitcoin economy.

As this acceptance goes further away the dream of Bitcoin becoming a decentralized network it’s more real then ever . I bet that this year we can take airplane tickets with Bitcoin and many we going to see 1 Bitcoin at least 2000$ a piece , so it’s going to be a bright future for cryptocurrencies and the fact that big business with billion of dollars capital are going in for a try .

Can’t wait to pay for all my needs in bitcoins or other crypto coins and an era of financial freedom is near  ;) .



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