Greek Coin turns into Titan Coin – Q&A with Developer


Greek Coin turns into Titan Coin .

Latest news about Greek Coin . They have changed their name into Titan . Why ? Well let’s see , because last night we had a chance to speak a bit with Greek Coin developer and told us a bit more info into a short Q&A session .

cryptobuzzing : Why did you created GreekCoin ?

Greek/Titan Dev : I’ve been an altcoin trader for over 1 year, and I notice a lot of changes in the altcoin business. After the MtGox situation, I told myself, ok, this is just terrible, I want to create my own coin and try to give value to the miners/investors and to give the people a coin that they can trust.

cryptobuzzing :What is the reason behind your name change ? Why not Greek Coin anymore ?

Greek/Titan Dev : Some people from the community told me that it was too much linked to the country coins, and those countries goes have a bad image. In fact Greekcoin is an ancient coin, not really a country coin, but I understood the request from the community to change the name. The new name will be Titan and we will create start a marketing complain to get Titan in the big picture.

cryptobuzzing : What are the future plans after the name change ?

Greek/Titan Dev : We are working on an anonym website. How it works? It is very simple, the user will enter his address, the destination address and a email address. He will deposit the coins that he want to send to the anonym Titan address and then a batch process will check every day, if there are enough other transaction to send coins anonymous. We also need to update our current website to reflex the name changes and to link it with the anonym website.

cryptobuzzing :Why you choose IPO ?

Greek/Titan Dev : The problem lately is that a coin hit the marketplace and it have hashrates like +10GH/s, so this means that a lot of small miners will only be able to mine a few coins, and those big farms are destroying a lot of coins, they mine it and dump it directly on the exchange. I believe that is not fair for the real believer of the coin, so that is why I use IPO. A lot of people think it is scam when you use IPO, and honestly sometimes it is just scam, but if it is not then it is a great opportunity to not spend electricity money on mining a few coins, but spending this money in IPO.

cryptobuzzing : Will the new TitanCoin be around in 5 years, if so, why?

Greek/Titan Dev  : I hope so, else something terrible happened with development team. I’ll keep on working for Titan Coin, but if it is successfully that is something different. We will try to do our best to give our investors a nice return.

cryptobuzzing :Does the new TitanCoin community have plans to do any fundraisers?

Greek/Titan Dev  :At the moment we are focused to grow step by step, so for the moment we didn’t thought about any fundraisers.

Titan Coin escape from Geo Coins Land .

It’s here and it’s getting ready to fight for it’s name . I like how it sounds to be honest , Titan it’s a nice and powerful name i might say inspiring and i get it why developer choose this new name . Because Greek wasn’t supposed to be for Geo Country purpose but it was rather old Ancient Greek , one of the most powerful economical hub at that time . But people don’t think to much and already stigmatized as a Country Crypto so as we saw in the Q&A developer decided to not let this affect the coin development and changed the name into Titan Coin , now they can get back to normal development and get Titan Coin name  in-front !

If you got any ideas of a new logo for Titan Coin get on here :

Specification ? Of course it has !

  • Algorithm : X11 – FULLY POS coin now
  • POW Coinage : Number of POW coins: 7,532,409
  • POW blocks : 10,000
  • POS : 5% yearly
  • Block Time : 30 sec
  • Confirmation : 6
  • Pre-mine:1%
  • IPO : 3%

Pools : , ,

BitcoinTalk :

BlockExplorer :

But stay close since they are changing the name into Titan Coin some of these link may change .

Future Planning:

IPO money will be used for the following topic:

  • Anonymous transactions by August
  • Merchandise site by September (shipping in Europe only) by August
  • E-coins – Exchange that allow user to buy a basket of coins at a certain value and not coins separately by December

Conclusion ?

GreekCoin has started as an IPO and did that with success since they sold coins for 111 satoshi and with a high of 900 satoshi and now they are fluctuating at 220 – 300 i bet that investors are happy . I feel bad that dint knew about it but until now cause i had been into some bad IPO’s but  ill take some coins too since they can do more also i think the name change in Titan Coin will be very good for them to get out of Geo Coin stigma scam and move on with even more real work .


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