Honor Coin – Its Community Set To Restore Honor


Early this June the Honor Coin community started to recover & restore after the previous developer abandoned the coin and its community. He sold the promised 2% free distribution at the exchanges, leaving the community in a state of shock. This irresponsible action motivated a principled team of developers to take over and restore Honor Coin for the community. Community members, exchanges, coin developers & investors volunteered support in the restoration of honor in Honor Coin.

The transformation from Honor Coin to Honor Coin 2.0

All previously Honor Coins held were transferred to Poloniex or Bittrex in order to make the easy transition to the new innovative Honor Coin. Developers like this are what we need more of! They have reminded us that trust is earned one day at a time and they surely earned ours!

If people & new investors take in consideration that this is a new crypto-currency that has been custom built by a reputable team, then they are not going to have to worry about another hit & run developer here. Also, its fully supported by its community and the whole restoration has started from there, which in my point will give me a good faith to own some Honor Coins under the new development team.

Future Plans & Innovations

The new development team has promised a series of innovative features that will be implemented in Honor Coin. These upgrades are currently being developed and tested. After the tests are successful a simple wallet upgrade will automatically incorporate the new features. The features are confidential for now but they’ve promised to change the way we think about crypto-currencies.

We love the new wallet of Honor Coin; it has a block-chain explorer built in! They even included an IRC section were you could talk with the developers and community! Did I mention a social media tab as well.  We are expecting huge innovations in the coming months from this coin!

Technical Information ,  Social Media & Public Engagement

Honor Coin it’s a crypto-currency secured by X13 algorithm that uses 13 rounds of hashes to secure the network blake, bmw, groestl, jh, keccak, skein, luffa, cubehash, shavite, simd, echo, hamsi & fuge. Making it one of the safest & sophisticated cryptographic hashes in use by modern crypto-currencies.


  • Ticker Symbol : XHC
  • Algorithm : X13
  • Total Number of Coins : 42 million
  • Block Time : 120 seconds
  • Block Reward :  40 XHC
  • Distribution Period : 2 Years
  • Stake-Interest : 5%
  • No Pre-mine ! No ICO/IPO
  • 30 Blocks to mature

Social Media & Info Links about Honor Coin

Honor Coin Website , Twitter , StockTwits , BTC/XHC – Poloniex . BlockExplorer , Bitcointalk Honor Coin , IRC – #restoringhonor.

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    Hopefully XHC stay afloat.


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    Great coin. This coin desire more honor. I’m feel sorry about the old dev, and I believe with the new dev team XHC will going up. HEH7yYvGAwtvxgumRPKBgQn3hTmaJ58mS4

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    it was awesome, spread to the world !!
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    Hope XHC coin rise again… stronger and better, keep up the good work for all XHC team and Dev.

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    success for XHC

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