Iceberg Coin – Cold Freeze your GPU & Fair Distribution


We present you Iceberg Coin a cryptocurrency with a fresh and most efficient algorithm: NIST5 which has proven to be the most efficient cryptography algorithm on the market based on tests done by the National Institute of Science and Technology’s SHA-3 hash competition published in this article.

NIST5 it’s keeping your GPU cold and protect your hardware from heat damage and also a lower power consumption vs. other algorithms . We attached an chart made by Iceberg Coin development team with a comparison chart with other current market algorithms .


It’s very clear that miners will enjoy low temperatures and low power consumption that means an very effective GPU mining operation & a fair chance for every household on this planet that owns a GPU also it’s protecting investors from ASIC’s due to it’s resistance at them  which would have been affected it’s fair distribution and made it available for only a few handful of well positioned players in this crypto market  , which it would have been totally unfair .

Iceberg Coin – Fair distribution it’s supporting community

Finally , Iceberg Coin is a cryptocurrency that turns it’s eyes to mass that don’t have thousands of dollars in mining rigs so they decided to make a simple distribution system that will offer free Iceberg Coins to first 1000 community supporters that keeps a signature about IceBerg Coin in their BitcoinTalk signature page giving everyone a fair chance to be part of it’s group of investors  .

Initial Coin Offer – Live on Bittrex

Their ICO is being hosted by Bittrex and Escrowed by Bittrex-Bill. Funds will not be released to us until wallets, and source code are released and everything is working as expected. Bittrex is one of the most successful exchange at this moment, so we think that it’s the safest place to develop the ICO. They will sell 1200000 coins on the ICO at @0.00008 each one. 19.2% of the total supply. For 100% transparency, there will be a public address holding the investments. The ICO will only be released after Bittrex check that everything is working fine. If there is any problem they will return all the investments. All the funds collected in the crowdfunding will be invested in hiring new full time developers, advertising campaigns, voting systems, business deals, etc.

What will it happen if the ICO is not fully sold?
The development team of IceBerg coins promised a sure destruction if any coins will be left .

When will ICO be closed?
ICO duration is 5 days, after that, PoW period will begin.

Future Plans

As we’ve been told and read in their Whitepaper most of the well known and asked features are on the list . But in this moment to launch in a perfect condition and without any problems it’s their main objective . After that they will start to take in consideration all features like VoIP , Anonymous Transactions , Democracy Blockchain and all other features that would help improve Iceberg Coin useability and position on market in the future .  We will attach their whitepaper too so you guys could check it out and see for yourself their priorities .


Information & Technicalities

Algorithm: NIST5
Total Coins:: 6,250,000
Total coins[PoW]: 5,000,000
PoW Blocks: 10,098
Reward in Blocks 1-100: 10  ( to avoid instamine!)
Reward in blocks 100-10,098: 500
Block time: 60 seconds
PoW timespan: 7 days
Confirmations on mined blocks: 50 blocks
PoS Interest: 3.77% annually
Free Distribution & Bounties (0,8%): 50,000
ICO : Hosted by BITTREX (Available on 07/07/2014)

BitcoinTalk , Twitter , Official Website , Initial Coin Offer Link .

Happy Investment & keep an eye on it since it looks like a veritable candidate for a future successful cryptocurrency !




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  • LauderdaleBitC

    One of the main drivers of altcoin prices today has been innovation in mining algorithms. While it is difficult for the average person to understand what makes one algo better than another, it is clear that one should diversify their portfolio across multiple algorithms, that is, hold a variety of coins having a variety of algos among them. I am sure that Iceberg coin (ICB – now trading on Bittrex) will be profitable in the short to medium term. The only question is how high will the price of ICB rise in the long term as the NIST5 algo is tested and proved. Only one way to find out – get in! I did: ipbfiuYmbY591LNRttTzAp76dm44SFs2Ao

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