Judgecoin – Restoring the Trust and Order on Crypto Markets


It’s time to bring in cryptocurrency market a player that’s honest , fair and restore order among cryptocurrencies , Judge Coin . They are with 0% premine or IPO and created by an IT Professionist with over 18 years of experience in field of IT & Telecomuncations also you can see more details about it’s experience on Judge Coin website .

It’s here to stay & mean serious business

After some bad experiences in cryptocurrencies world “Judge Crypto” and user of cryptosphere  and creator of JudgeCoin tought at this project to be really different from any other coins by it’s fairness and direct implications into it’s development . For example they are looking for an active Lead Developer with a wage of 1000 Judgecoins / Week with an already fund made for 13 months with 13.5k Judgecoins , i guess it has payed vacations too .

The main idea is that they are very serious about it and looking for an active team to be part of this serious & honest project. It means to show others that bounties can pe paid and hire dev’s without PREMINE .

Also no shady sockpuppets and it’s creator posted his personal carreer bio on JudgeCoin website which it’s very rare since when stuff get bad shady coins without developers tend to vanish without an response . Which brings us to the idea that JudgeCoin it’s a cryptocurrency that might worth have it in your investment portfolio .

What plans do they have ?

They will go soon into a Proof-of-Stake mode after a good session of fair distribution via Proof-of-Work and already have prepared their own multipool pool.judgecoin.com it currently mines judge coin but after PoW will end , other coins will pay out in Judge Coin also they can be found already on the famous Coinking.io .

Also it’s in plan weekly radio shows regarding Judge Coin & other crypto currencies via Blocktalkradio . An updated wallet with all information you need regarding JudgeCoin Community and with features like Paper Wallet Backup , Full Working Blockexplorer and many more !

JudgeCoin it’s planned to be a fully featured and self-sustainable cryptocurrency one of the very , very few on the market .

Technical & Social Information

- Total coins: Estimated 15,000,000 Between PoW and PoS blocks
– 500 Coins per PoW block
– PoW Algorithm: X13
– PoW + PoS Hybrid
- PoW Blocks: 38,640 (Changed from 43,200 due to PoS did not kick in and wanted to keep coin total same)
– PoS interest 6% Annually
– 24hr PoS min coin age
– 60 second block target
– 110 confirmations for blocks to mature

BitcoinTalk , Twitter , Reddit , Facebook , Multipool , IRC

That said , it’s your choice if to invest or not . I just present the facts that we are seeing . We are not to be held responsabile for any of my users trading decisions . Even if i do think this is a very good cryptocurrency .


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