Librex Coin – Innovative Libraries , Anonymity & Proof-Of-Stake Android Wallet


Today we bring to you a good cryptocurrency that has a steady development and already is bringing new technologies for cryptocurrencies to use . As an example is their Proof-Of-Stake Android Wallet that will be launched in the following week .

Librex Coin had a bumpy launch/start but Librex Coin Developers acted responsibly and let the community know about the issue and warned them not to mine the coin. Now Librex Coin has been recently re-launched and with an very active development team ready to face the market  .

Anonymity using Zerocoin/Cash Protocol

Librex Coin wants to provide what some other coins only say they do and failed to provide . So instead of just braging about it and let people know ahead they already integrated and has been launched with an working anonymity feature . Librex Coin uses the Zerocoin library for native Zerocash protocol support. It can be confusing with all these names but Zerocash is an improved version of Zerocoin protocol . The protocol allows an exchange between non-anonymous coins to anonymous Zerocoins .

Librex Coin is working to make sure their coin allows true anonymity and not just a simple promise , but always inspect the code yourself or hire a professional programmer to do so check its code,  if you’re concerned about what Librex Coin or any other cryptocurrency that innovate or adopt an anonymity function don’t hesitate to do a check-up since we all know that even the most secure system have their own glitch  .

Librex future plans & what Librex Coin want to achieve

Librexcoin Development Team is reaching out to the community to see if L2P & Tor are wanted features for them and if its appealing to consumers and merchants . So you let them know on our comment section below regarding these features .

Also they are on the verge of launching a Proof-Of-Stake Android Wallet for Librex Coin , feature that wasn’t found in any of the current P.O.S cryptocurrencies bringing an wanted and expected feature by the Proof-Of-Stake enthusiasts & investors that were for a mobile way to check their investments and keep track of the “Stake they produced in an easy-to-go manner .


Technical & Social Media Information

  • Algorithm: X11
  • Total amount of coins (POW): ~10 Million coins from PoW mining + 2% yearly stake interest.
  • Block time: 60 seconds
  • Stake interest: 2% annually
  • Min transaction fee: 0.0001 LXC
  • Confirmations on Transactions: 10, maturity: 40
  • Proof-of-Stake Minimum Age: 2 hours
  • Proof-of-Stake Maximum Age: 8 hours

Social Media

Librex Bitcointalk Thread , Twitter , Facebook , IRC , Block Explorer , Fauchet

Conclusion regarding Librex Coin

Well we will let you guys decide the conclusion , but in our own solely opinion they present themselves pretty serious also when they had a problem they have taken a wise decision and postponed the launch for the good of everyone . Leave a comment with your opinion and also with your Librex Coin Address since we will spread some gifts from Librex Coin Community dosen’t matter if its negative or positive any feedback matter for us and for developers themselves .

7.8 Good Investment !
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  • Dudu

    DCEkb6kWe8ZaVoB7KPzA7qEH7XX2yi6ZNR Great coin!!! Thanks!!

  • sputnik1

    waiting for the take-off..

  • solostos

    LibrexCoin will be known as a potential coin. I think that LXC will have a bight future on the cryptocurrency market soon. I love LibrexCoin so much !
    LXC: D7sTduHxn1xaAH3noosvjR7nVnjxyaHj72
    Thanks !

  • Azistie

    LibrexCoin with PoS innovative on Android wallet. Like it.
    Thank you

  • wolverinex1282

    to the moon or beyond #LXC

  • Chichan

    I hope LibrexCoin can make the best of cryptocurrency. Going to the moon!!

    Thanks so much :*

  • Mutar Jr.

    I believe in LibrexCoin, because there are professional developers that stand behind it.


  • Dedy

    I believe that the world can be a better place when it possesses a legal tender that is being used for good, true to its namesake – the social currency. DTotzDC3SNhiPZaMvnqoPszHExYPeCcsg6

  • Sintia Duma

    great and quickly growing community of awesome people who believe in the coin as much as I do :) DDJYRVqdDgBpbLxPAZYuzhG6J6oEmGkLFf

  • Bung Agus

    We trust only the developer LXC.

  • melky_bolang

    Nice! much awesome coin.

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