Netcoin Foundation Launches Netucate – A Real Solution To Education Problems In World

PROBLEM: Public Education is Failing our youth.
PROBLEM: Home educators receive little to no financial help
A vision to help support and empower independent learning, everywhere.

The Netcoin Foundation launched a very altruistic project meant to help educate kids around the globe who are in need.

Cryptocurrencies are still in its infancy but, there are a lot of people who view it (and use it) as a mean for selfish gain. However, cryptocurrencies have also opened up brand new doors and opportunities and have brought people and communities together, building towards something good, one good example is Netcoin Foundation . Like most things in life, cryptocurrencies in itself, is neither good nor bad, HOW it’s used and for WHAT it is used, is up to the individual, like in the real world. It can be used for good, and much good or for bad as we saw in Silkroad case. Of course, with cryptocurrencies specially the ones that are solid, stable, and growing, there is an opportunity to create a lot of wealth for its investor. What the developers, foundation, and those that possess the coin do with that wealth increase, ultimately, is a big question.

The Netcoin Foundation (from day one) was established to be a reflection of the coin itself. Netcoin has always been more than a cryptocurrency. It’s an important player in this new economy, with an open minded group behind it, which why part of the Foundation’s concern has always been “how to give back and help, beyond just freeing people to be able to transact on their own terms.

Netucate – The solution, the help, to educate our future.

In today’s world of education and learning, large divides and gaps exist. From educational systems that have been reduced to standardized testing, removing the ability to really “teach and instruct children (instead focusing kids on how to pass an exam), to a lack of support for those parents who have chosen to teach their own children,in one sentence, the system is broken. On top of that budget cuts and program, restrictions are removing some of the most vital components to the development of an individual.

Many of the foundation members are parents and have children of varying ages. As they’ve discussed about the prospect of Cryptocurrencies, Netcoin, and how to continue to innovate and develop for the next generation, they’ve began to see a common thread: A care and interest for the education of the next generation. The more they brainstormed, the more they recognized that Crypto was poised to be a mechanism by which education and learning could be provided to those who wanted and merited to have access to the resources needed.

As Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more part of our daily lives (just like the internet has become), Netcoin wants to be a resource for anybody (not just kids) to learn about cryptocurrencies, what they are are and what they can do.

So what is Netcoin and Netfoundation plan regarding this social issue? 

  • Every Foundation Member will donate a percent of current holdings into an Educational Endowment, and the stake (interest) earned will proceed to help fund the endowment.
  • Every Foundation Member will donate a percentage of their stake rewards for the educational Endowment (Stake For Education or S4E), forever.
  • NETUCATE will set an endowment to be not only a monetary resource for families, children, and individuals but also begin to open up new doors within the education realms.
  • Provide an E-Learning Platform where children and individuals or any age are able to work through various topics, and as they perform tasks, they will be remunerated after demonstrating their mastery of subjects and topics
  • Provide an online shop where home educators can obtain supplies and resources they need to help their children’s education (goods purchased via NET)
  • The Netcoin Wallet will be unveiling an S4E (Stake For Education) Feature. So that every Netcoin user will have the choice (and ability) to donate a percent of their stake rewards to help support children’s education by supplementing to the NETUCATE Endowment Fund.

Additionally, the NETUCATE Endowment will accept:
Donations of NETCOIN or any other cryptocurrency as well. You can contact them at [email protected] if you wish to be support their program & become a partner .


NET: nG3nM6S1zmX8dmg1wVg64BLd3UeBFi8QRi
BTC: 19VTcvy5WLCL9Ehhrs8o4K9x7aYg7cSMoA
LTC: Lemg5UXrKnLJ1b1gApSirS7EWqRzuVhYUe
DRK: XvZYhBr3mnikWjUAb7WP8xW5crbFR8r8yg
UNB: 1HNp7qV91iWcykfEiEoTVWHKCt2MX1crs2
FLT: FUp9i6NZbNKJjkWva573rNVZxozaGNxYfJ
FRK: FLjf34WnsdiacJT61SMbpWD1dBScwvMjRi

Netcoin Information

Netcoin Technical

Launched on 8th Sept. 2013


POW/POS Hybrid

Revolutionary PIR+OWI

Proof-of-Work: Scrypt

PoW Reward : 320 Coins/Block

Proof-of-Stake Age: Min. 1 Hour – Max. 30 Days

Proof-of-Stake Reward: 10-100% anually

Netcoin Links

Bitcointalk Thread:

Netucate Thread:

NetcoinFoundation Website:

Netcoin Development Website:

Netcoin Forum:

Exchanges: Cryptsy NET/BTC, Cryptsy NET/LTC

Final words.

In our opinion NETcoin & NETcoin Foundation are a group and a coin that worth studied, one reason is their altruistic way of handling this coin, age & resilience on market and nevertheless that they are a very friendly group, without any unnecessary drama.

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