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Following in the footsteps of digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin, PIMPCASH continues to roll out the technical infrastructure of its fun, fast and secure payment system.

Launched in November 2014, PIMPCASH has a growing reputation as one of the most socially orientated cryptocurrencies with almost daily updates, shared directly on a website for news and updates for the community, and across broad social media. The result is a growing appreciation for PIMPCASH, which extends well beyond the boundaries of its own community into the communities of other altcoins with diverse philosophies and technologies, but with shared goals and altruistic ideals.

PIMPCASH takes its name from the acronym P.I.M.P (Positive Innovation for Multi Payments). I know most of you have gone directly at 50 Cent song P.I.M.P and from the contemporary use of the word, which appears ubiquitously in mainstream popular culture, meaning “to make better or fix up. When used in this sense the word is a synonym for generosity and exuberance, two qualities which are central to the ethos of PIMPCASH.

In December, P.I.M.P released a PIMP’D wallet for Gaiacoin based on a PIMPCASH design, a first for cross-coin collaboration in the crypto eco-system. This reflects the P.I.M.P focus on developing relationships with other cryptocurrencies, through charitable initiatives and collaborative projects with other coins, which so far have included projects with Gaia, Einsteinium (EMC2) and others.

PIMPCASH is a (PoS) Proof-of-Stake coin with an interest rate set at 69%. This means anyone holding P.I.M.P in their wallet will receive interest on their balance in return for helping maintain security of the network. P.I.M.P has the lowest transaction fees in the cryptocurrency world, making it easy to share and tip more people around the world almost instantly. The P.I.M.P wallet boasts innovative features such as Coin Control, Stealth Addresses, Anon Encrypted Messaging.

Furthermore, P.I.M.P has released custom wallets in a variety of designs, the latest being the first ever his and hers wallets, released on Valentine’s Day to encourage broader crypto adoption. The Queen’s wallet, a wallet for “her, features a white themed design, to accompany the black themed design of the previously released King’s wallet for “him. These custom designs reflect an attention to detail and an importance of visual design that is unique to PIMPCASH, along with its emphasis on fun, positivity, inclusiveness and the further the advancement of all altcoin adoption and decentralized payment systems.

Another important point to be highlighted regarding PIMPCASH is the fact that they didn’t had any problems so far with their block chain or it’s code also the fact that their network is fast and didn’t suffered any forks with a nice hash rate during their Proof-Of-Work Stage with a speed peaking up to 17,419.52 MH/s.

PIMPCASH Features:

  • Fun with Quality
  • Stealth Addresses
  • Encrypted Message System
  • Customized wallets for him and her
  • Sharing crypto currency
  • Fast (Almost Instant Speeds)
  • Coin Control
  • Lowest fees in the market
  • Secure Network

Here are screenshots of P.I.M.P custom designed wallets.


P.I.M.P Queen Wallet


P.I.M.P King Wallet








Also here is a video with the famous PIMPCASH team & song, it is really awesome made and has a pimpin’ style:


Technical Information

Total Mined Coins @ P.o.W: 36,297,000

P.o.W ended on December 8th 2014

P.o.W Algorithm: Scrypt

P.o.W + P.o.S Hybrid

Proof-of-Stake Interest: 69% Annually

Block Target: 69 sec

Blocks to mature: 69 confirmations

Transaction: 10 confirmations

Social & Information Links

Official Website: pimpcash.me

Official Reddit: /r/PimpCash

Official Twitter: @PIMPcashTeam

Official Facebook: facebook.com/PimpcashOfficial

Official Google+: +PimpCashMe

Official IRC Channel: #pimpcash

BitcoinTalk Thread: bitcointalk.org

In the end, they are a very fun & cool community “with quality” that is worth checking them out!

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