Rimbit – The Story of a Successful Crypto Crowdfunded on Indiegogo


We came across these day with Rimbit & its development team, and we were stunned to find out about them and their successful crowdfund on Indiegogo.com with $110,604USD raised and 1.113 funders it makes Rimbit a totally successful crowdfund campaign.

We are all quite familiar with crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, however, Rimbit has set its goal to a change in the way crypto-currencies are used these days. People had enough with all the mining, ASIC’s, high power consumption and in the end the only winners in this equation will be the manufacturers of mining equipment (ASIC’s), so Rimbit came in aid for those who had enough of being always at hand of mining equipment, pools or miners. The only way to mine Rimbit is by simply having Rimbit coins and a wallet, by Proof-Of Stake method, so no more miners, expensive gears or corporation involved.

What is Proof-of-Stake?

Proof-of-Stake is a method of securing Rimbit network and achieving distributed consensus through requesting users to show ownership of a certain amount of currency. More human explain as long as you have coins in Rimbit coins in wallet, you will help securing Rimbit network and they will reward you with a 10% annually from your total amount of Rimbit coins. It’s exactly like owning shares to a company and they are paying you dividends for being shareholder to their company. No more mining hassle, no more stress.

Rimbit’s superior attributes vs. other crypto currencies

• Quicker transactions
• Confirmation of transactions is done by the wallets and not by miners
• Per annum interest (10% at present)

The testing stage has been completed, and Rimbit now has a fully operating digital wallet available for Mac, PC, Linux and Pi. There is also a Rimbit digital wallet available for Android device users. At present, Rimbit already has an important user base in twenty countries. With a large number of Rimbit holders in the United States, it is now making an entry in China and other Asian nations.

As with Bitcoin, there is a limited number of Rimbit available and the extended funding is aimed at facilitating the growth and development of Rimbit, after it has attained full distribution.

 Supporting Game Developers

Rimbit is all about getting Rimbit to their targeted public, any way possible and as that is their driving goal, offering Rimbit to all it’s supporters in Giveaways, Competitions and other great offers that you can find them inside their Community.

For some quite time Rimbit Community started to give away Rimbits to Game Developers, whether they are Indie Games, Mobile Games, Desktop Games or any other type of games. They have no set guidelines when they give away Rimbit, except for proof of work from the developer, so they can be listed them on Rimbit site and also give a bit of promotion along the way.

So if you are a game developer and reading this, please contact them by using the link at the top of their page and let them know a little about you and don’t forget to send them some links to your work, so at some later stage, they can list them on Rimbit to let everyone see your fantastic work!

Censored from Coinmarketcap.com. Why?

Rimbit community it’s suffering by an unknown gesture from coinmarketcap.com. What gesture? Well, it seems they have censured the listing of Rimbit on the main page of http://coinmarketcap.com yet they are somehow in the system http://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/rimbit/ , and by its capital it will rank in top 40 coins, at one point they would have been on #4 place if it wasn’t for CoinMarketCap censorship. But why they are doing this? We don’t know the reason yet but we consider that is total unfair and it tries to hide Rimbit evolution from possible investors view. As for this, we will try contact CoinMarketCap to give us a statement regarding this issue. Hopefully, we can help Rimbit to redeem their spot on the front page along side other top crypto currencies. But this situation isn’t normal. Is Rimbit such a threat or is the Crypto industry a playground for the infantile who want to control the stupidity of mining and avoid a coin with actual substance?

The developer also decided to stay away from Bitcointalk Forums, since they might get a lot of drama from script kiddies and trolls that wouldn’t help Rimbit at all, so they have made their own community: Rimbit ForumsWe invite you to join them and find out more about their work and community.


They are a successful cryptocurrency, it’s easy to say by their Indiegogo crowdfund page, also their community it’s amazing, very user-friendly and all people that are new in cryptocurrency field, can easy go on their forums and be welcomed with open arms. I rarely see a community like this in crypto, before was Doge, but now they turned to be a bit more hatefully to the new guys, only a few Dogecoiners are warm-like. So, if you are new in crypto or even old and you got sick of evil & greedy people then you should join their community! Technically I’ll be honest and say full Proof-Of-Stake coin’s aren’t new, so it isn’t nothing innovative at this part, but what matter is always the community that makes a crypto strong and the way they act as a collective. Rimbit is a coin that worth to be in top 10 crypto currencies for sure !

Technical Information

Coin Supply: 380Million RBT

Algorithm: Proof-of-Stake

Annual Interest: 10% – Halving at 5% (June 2015)

Social Information

Official Website: rimbit.com

Official Forum: rimbitforum.com

Official Twitter: @RimbitCom

Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Rimbitcoin

Github: https://github.com/Rimbit/Wallets

Exchange: useCrypto RBT/BTC


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