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Interesting combination between Syscoin and Moolah (Moopay LTD), they officially announced the partnership, basically Moolah will secure the Syscoin pre-sale via their platform. With a strong and dedicated partnership they set up a specifically portal special made for Syscoin presale investors to store their coins. When the Syscoin Team will successfully delivers/launch Syscoin, Moolah will be right there in the background to distribute the Syscoin to the investors via private keys that can be directly transferred to your Syscoin account/wallet.

This partnership is more than the pre-sale and launch of Syscoin, Moolah gives a host of crypto related services to the worldwide marketplace, they are not limited to US clients. With a merchant platform, a trading platform and an escrow platform well fixed, numerous other features which are in the process will appear soon in the crypto space. They have never been hacked, not even once. This partnership was created not only to provide security to the transactions, but also to let Syscoin to grow for the long term, via the amazing ecosystem of features created by Moolah.

Moolah is in the process of developing their core services to their V2 platform for more accuracy – Syscoin will be available from these services. Moolah`s V2 will become the first exchange that offers Syscoin. They complete each other, having same interests and natural connections, Syscoin services and the capability of Moolah platform is looking very compatible. We are looking forward for more and very excited to explore all these possibilities with the Moolah development team. Think about it, together we can bring the first decentralized big scale marketplaces, data storing, digital certificates and many more services available on the online market. We are very excited to announce this awesome partnership and keep moving on with such a rock pillar of the crypto community.  They have a new video demo, but they will gonna release one video per feature. Stay tuned. moolah



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  • kingscrown

    Knew it for some time with my inside infos, good for my guys at SYS and good for Moolah

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