TEKcoin – Eco Minting and Super Interest


Why Super you ask yourself , right ? First it’s about TEK Coin , sounds like Sci-Fi type of coin made to intrigue that is something dangerous and high-tech and to be honest it really is .

TEKcoin has a super-stake of 40% compound monthly and already has been on Cryptsy Market for over 7-8 months imagine that ! I won’t cause i would be pissed not to invested from begin some stupid little amount and woke up with a few thousand dollars out of interest (Stake) or even a little bigger investment and i would be made some nice banking on this investment . You can still mine it because it’s old school SHA-256 algorithm .

What technicalities it has ?

Sha256 Proof of work/Proof of Stake

SuperStake eligible in 30+ days 40%+/-

1 minute per block.
1 coin per block.
100 million coins.

1440 PoW coins per day

Services ?

It seems it’s been added on Altaccept too and that’s a good sign people show good interest in it . They also looking at a way to create & sell TEK merchendise but that’s it so far . I guess it needs a place for all that stake to be spent and so far it seems to have gone in development with a brand new website and richlist and blockexplorer and many other will come i hope cause that’s regular services that a coin should have and that’s good cause these days some of them don’t even bother to do this basic ones .

Should i invest ?

If you don’t feel safe i still advise you to invest something it at least buy 10TEK and forget about them in your TEKcoin wallet , since they won’t stake (give you interest) if they are on an exchange wallet . After that you will thank in a few months ! I myself got invested a pretty big amount and it’s like earning from a mining rig , it’s extraordinary ! And i found that you don’t have to dump you just put a sell order and wait 1 day and that’s it ! Also on their bitcointalk thread they are many 3-4 stars member very active and old in Bitcoin & Crypto community , that means serious plans are to be made with it and serious people invest time in it . So it seems like a good to very good investment for long , long time .

Features ?

Oh this part it’s tricky as i heard and even saw they have tried a to customize their wallet to a new design and I’ll give em a point for that trying but with failure of stability so they switched back to classic , that means for the future i should expect a new wallet design and that would be an awesome feature ! Beside that and regular fixes also it just got integrated Coin Control in it and it become such a useful tool for such stake coin that TEKcoin it is  ! I may add that the Super Stake it’s an amazing features and ill give that at least 0.5 points !

Final word

Active development , Simple and informative website , 0% premine ,  no bullshit , no IPO , no anonymous developer or sockpuppets that supports it . That said i consider TEKCoin a Very Good Investment to be made for the long term .




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