The Biggest Moments in Bitcoin History [Infographic]


On October 31, 2008 a white paper was published with the title: Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System. Known as the first decentralized digital currency with access to Internet highways and refuge from financial institutions, the concept of Bitcoins was initially sent out to a cryptography-community mailing list. The author, Satoshi Nakamoto, is said to be a mask for the original author(s) of the Bitcoin concept. Attempts were made to unveil the visage of Nakamoto by Newsweek in early March of 2014, but those attempts were met with backlash and failure.

Over the coming years the Bitcoin phenomena went mainstream and was met with a mix of heists, leaks, exploits, turbulent values, version updates, and historical events.

So here is an infographic timeline with The Biggest Moments in Bitcoin History .

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