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Welcome back, we decided to make this music playlists with Bitcoin Music every week. Why ? 1. Because they are awesome and represent this community and Bitcoin itself. 2. Because these people deserve recognition for their amazing work. 3. Again, its awesome ! This week we will feature Hip-Hop songs that express Bitcoin mechanism and life on Bitcoin.

Today we received on our twitter account a hip-hop song, wich is made very well, which speaks about Bitcoin’s Blockchain, made by Toby + Decap and it’s titled “Welcome To The Blockchain”. It speaks clearly about the Blockchain and how this new decentralized system will going to change the world, which is also true. I will leave to you guys to appreciate this song and its lyrics, the video is down below.

1. Toby + Decap – Welcome To The Blockchain

2. YTcracker – Bitcoin Baron

We couldn’t ignore the Bitcoin Baron, it’s everywhere and has an immense contribution to Bitcoin community. He raps mostly “nerdcore” type of music which it’s pretty awesome and rare these days, but who knows maybe in the future, these will be the HIT’s of the billboards. YTCracker (pronounced “whitey cracker”) is a well-known hacker , a most known for defacing the web pages of several federal and municipal government websites in the United States, as well as several in private industry at the age of 23. Later he became known for his work as a Nerdcore hip hop artist. He has performed in 2006 at the Consumer Electronics Show from Las Vegas and in 2007 performed at the Players Ball, appearing with the rappers Xzibit, Ice Cube and Lady Gaga. Enough with this, let’s listen to his song.


3. Zhou Tonged – Price Down, Pick Up!

The song is fresh baked, by @ZhouTonged a Bitcoin enthusiast since 2011 when all GPU mining was flourishing, he was a trader since there it has the name of Zhou Tonged. What does his name mean? Well, it’s a Chinese slang for “margin call”, where your positions are liquidated automatically due to insufficient trading balance. But he was inspired by the name of Bitcoinica administrator named Zhou Tong. This fresh song “Price Down, Pick Up” is made due to volatility that we are having lately with Bitcoin and the high adoption rate that are made by the big corporations. It’s a sign that they are buying and getting in Bitcoin while it’s low and with the certitude that they will gain big value in time. Now let’s listen to this song and leave a feedback if you liked or not.

4. Zhaou Tonged – B.R.E.A.M. (Wu-Tang Clan – C.R.E.A.M)

It’s an awesome remade from the famous song of Wu-Tang Clan named C.R.E.A.M, this time the impressive artist Zhao Tonged made it B.R.E.A.M and instead of “Dolla Dolla bills” it’s about ” Dolla Dolla bits”. This song has a good support even from @Wu_Tang_Financial. It’s a very good song that many can find themselves in it’s lyrics as early Bitcoin adopters, my opinion, now listen and leave us your opinion in the comment section below.

5. NightBark Music – Blackcoin

We came across with this well made video regarding another cryptocurrency named “Blackcoin” , I don’t like that it’s disses “Bitcoin” as it’s been the walkman and they are the “iPod”, but I will try to ignore that and appreciate the fact that they are educating about the backend of Bitcoin in a “street” way by Hip-Hop.

6. Bonus : Harvey Dentist – PowCoin CounterParty Folding Coin

We have a reader named Harvey Dentist who made an interesting song about Blockchain, Bitcoin, PoWcoin and Proof-Of-Work. It has a good lyrics even if he could make a better video or background sound, but its volition to make good Bitcoin music it’s highly appreciated by us and that’s why we got him in our Weekly Bitcoin Music top and added this as a bonus . Our mentality is to support the underdogs, the new kids on the block, startups and those who are in need. So let’s hear Harvey Dentist and leave a feedback in the comment section below and let us know what you think about his song.


Hope you liked this week TOP 5 Bitcoin Music and come back for more. Let us know if you made a song for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency and we will feature it in our weekly TOP. We believe that music it’s meant to educate by lyrics & sound, and Bitcoin supporters that do that are helping the crypto eco-system to be understood by everyone. This week we featured more Hip-Hop, last week more mellow songs, so there is a bit for everyone taste’s.

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